Brief History of Online Casinos in The United States

Casinos only gained popularity in the United States of America during the early 1970s. The rapid development of casinos, hotels, and holiday destinations in Las Vegas added further fuel to the rising popularity.

The internet became more prominent during the early 1990s, and developers soon took on designing countless websites. Sources indicate that the first online casino was established in 1994. Microgaming has captained the launch of many online casinos since then.

The first gaming commission in North America was established in Canada. This gambling commission was managed by a Mohawk Indian tribe who also issued licensing for online casinos.

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The number of online casinos available to the US market grew exponentially, starting with 15 online casino sites towards the end of 1997, growing to more than 200 sportsbooks, poker sites, and online casinos.

Online casino sites faced some challenges in 2006, with a number of illegal gambling issues hitting the market by storm. The Unlawful Gaming Enforcement (UGEA) act was successfully passed in the same year, which caused many online casinos to close their doors.

Gambling operators would continue to challenge the law. Even though the new regulations affected online casino transactions, online gambling itself was not prohibited. The development of technology allowed online payment merchants to become ever more trustworthy and efficient.

In recent years, lawmakers have made certain amendments to the law, and new laws have been drafted to support online casino gambling. Casino enthusiasts from the US can enjoy uninterrupted gambling and sports betting. Even though every state has their own laws and regulations concerning online gambling, the practice is now widely accepted in the country.

Americans living in a state with stringent online gambling laws may have to wait for certain amendments to be made, but good things take time. It is good to know that most Americans today can enjoy online gambling and sports betting.