If you an avid fan of online casino games, then these podcast channels will get you up to speed on the latest news in the world of online gambling.

Dayton, Ohio, US – professorslots.com

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The host, Jon Friedl, shares his tips and knowledge concerning slot machines and online casino entertainment. He talks about his experiences as a veteran gambler. Find out how he uses criteria to pick the best online casinos and how to avoid terrible odds in online casino gaming.

He teaches followers about identifying their gambling goals and how to choose casinos with the most rewarding bonus packages. He combines a few strategies to make gambling online more rewarding and enjoyable.

Casinos USA – casinosusa.bet

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This podcast streams from Pennsylvania in the USA, and it is regarded as an organization that supports gambling as a hobby rather than a business. This podcast also advertises various reputable online casino brands through its network.

Seven Out Gambling, Poker and Casino Podcast – sevenoutpod.libsyn.com

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This podcast is based in Long Island City, New York, US. This program is run by veteran gamblers Vinny Chenz and Big Joe. They often head out to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and many other casinos across the country. Follow this podcast to listen to their stories about poker, sports betting, craps, and blackjack. This entertaining show runs all week.

T&A: Tens And Aces – anchor.fm/ta21

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This podcast focuses on the real lives and experiences of online and land-based casino players trying their hand at the game of blackjack. The hosts talk about the good and the terrible experiences with blackjack. Learn about positive and negative variance and how to take advantage of a good hand.

Vegas Confessions Podcast – vegasconfessionspod.com

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This crazy entertaining podcast is all about the glitz and glamour of the gambling lifestyle. Followers can listen to some great stories about gamblers who have won and lost. The show comprises three hosts that simply like to gamble. They often visit Las Vegas and Atlantic City and live to tell the tale. They even interview casino CEO’s and managers.

Remember to follow these podcasts for the latest news and highlights. Contact Sankar for more details about the online gambling revolution.